Flights over Rabual Papua New Guinea are once again being diverted as the magical volcano Tavurvur spews forth tons of ash clouding the normally pristine skies. I've been lucky enough be very close when this incredible volcano vents - or lets gas and ash escape . Releasing the hot gas build up happens every 10 or 15 minutes and up has been one of the photographic highlights of my career. After photographing Ken Kolias (pictured) who lived amazingly in a village only several hundred metres away, we swam in the bubbling volcanic waters of the bay at the base of the volcano. It's actually impossible to explain the sensation of what sounds like a 747 Jumbo jet taking off whilst lying back in tepid waters watching as a massive cloud of ash roars out overhead. You just pray the cloud blows the other way or super fine silt rains down on you and all your camera gear. It loves cameras - super fine and corrosive. I was shooting for Travel & Leisure magazine on a 6x7cm medium format Mamiya camera that day, with Kodak Portra 160iso film.... possibly the last assignment I did with film. It's funny to think back that with this roll film camera you only had 10 shots per roll. A good discipline actually - you really had to think about the next shot. Click on the volcano picture to see more images.



George Fetting
George Fetting


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