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Lith Printing Technique

March 09, 2015

One of my photographic heroes is the Dutch photographer and film director Anton Corbijn. His approach to photography has not changed that much in 25 years and his signature look is created by what’s called Lith printing - you would know his work with U2 and other bands.It is a very cool method of black and white printing where the final print produced is a gorgeous contrasty slightly peachy warm toned gritty enlargement. It can vary enormously but the look cannot be produced any other way – digitally it is very hard to get the same look.Quite a few years ago (it was big in the 90’s) I went through a Lith stage when darkrooms were still quite common and...

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40 Pages of Portraits in f11 Magazine!

December 10, 2014

I've been in the print industry for most of my career and to have a few pages published of ones work is pretty special by any standards. The online magazine f11 approached my a little while ago about doing a spread on my portrait work which spans pretty much most of my working life. It was a combination of interview and details on how the images were taken and some funny experiences with some celebs. Well I just about fell off my chair to discover a ridiculous 40 whole pages of my work - it just kept going. I can die a happy man because I know I will never ever get that sort of a run again!  So thanks...

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2014 Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize - Semi Finalist

October 07, 2014

It's really nice to get the news I was shortlisted as a semi finalist for the Moran Photographic Prize this year. There was over 3000 entries so the competitionis pretty fierce as always. Getting the final shot was no mean feat either. I'm getting into the habit of leaving things to the last minute (sound familiar....) I dragged the kicking screaming family down late on a Sunday afternoon with the Festival of the winds in full swing. The deadline was of course the next day! We should have left a 7am in the morning. It literally took over an hour and a half to get there. I hope for the sake of the marriage I do win the 50K...

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August 29, 2014

Flights over Rabual Papua New Guinea are once again being diverted as the magical volcano Tavurvur spews forth tons of ash clouding the normally pristine skies. I've been lucky enough be very close when this incredible volcano vents - or lets gas and ash escape . Releasing the hot gas build up happens every 10 or 15 minutes and up has been one of the photographic highlights of my career. After photographing Ken Kolias (pictured) who lived amazingly in a village only several hundred metres away, we swam in the bubbling volcanic waters of the bay at the base of the volcano. It's actually impossible to explain the sensation of what sounds like a 747 Jumbo jet taking off whilst lying back in tepid waters watching as...

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